We are delighted that our ALPHA DECO COLLECTION has been recognised by Architectural Digest as a 2017 AD GREAT DESIGN AWARD winner.

Respected as the definitive design magazine, with an audience of 5 million tastemakers, influencers and design enthusiasts, Architectural Digest realise that the design world is an exciting yet increasingly crowded space. With the annual AD Great Design awards, they have curated a small number of products that they believe represent truly best-in-class design.


The Clive Christian Alpha Deco design was realised by the desire for a Deco influenced contemporary style with the added ingredient of opulence from a bygone era.
Based upon geometric linier principles with clean lines and the inclusion of certain Art Deco elements, the Alpha Deco Collection pairs the design with a minimalist, square frame door with a recessed flat panel, in a rare, almost unique fashion, whilst maintaining Clive Christian integrity & quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.
Our Alpha Deco cabinetry and paneling has been beautifully incorporated into notable Kitchens, Dressing Rooms, Studies and Libraries is available is available in four different finishes – Painted, Honey Oak, Cool Walnut and Black Walnut.


Our bespoke customisation skills are ably demonstrated in the kitchen shown here, where we drew inspiration from the Lalique partitioning panels from the Orient Express. These exquisite Deco designs were incorporated into a Cool Walnut overmantle and the beautiful marquetry doors of the cocktail cabinet.

Whilst delving into the notable heritage of the Clive Christian Company archives we discovered an image dating to circa 1930 which embodies the elegance of the Deco period which we have chosen to harness for this Clive Christian kitchen. Taking further inspiration from the 1930s we were delighted to see that the glorious Orient Express had utilised Lalique panelling in their classic Pullman carriages, where the glazed panels were used to separate the different compartment areas of each carriage and in turn created an air of exclusive mystery and intrigue.
By combining our traditional methods of extraordinary British craftsmanship, bespoke customisation and by partnering with some of the most respected names in the world of interiors, we have a truly decadent room – a genuine reflection of the quality and style of this glamorous bygone era brought straight in to modern times at the heart of the home.