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One of our most celebrated services is our ability to personalise our client’s rooms to be a truly unique, one of a kind scheme. This is often realised by the extraordinary skills of our in-house marquetry team.

Marquetry is ancient art of inlaying small pieces of coloured woods and other precious materials such as mother of pearl and brass into a surface to create elaborate, decorative details on furniture, it is a highly skilled and time-consuming practice.

On this occasion, Alec, our Weybridge dealer was in the process of refreshing his showroom, and wanted to add a personal touch to the new scheme which celebrated his love for The Brooklands Race Circuit – a local piece of English motorsport heritage situated a little out of town from his Furniture Showroom.

Brooklands was the world’s first purpose built race circuit and the birthplace of The British Grand Prix. It quickly gained an air of nobility thanks to its regal proportions and glamorous Surrey home

We proposed an Art Deco inspired illustration which immortalised the famous Napier-Railton, defying gravity as it grapples with the trademark soaring embankments with John Cobb’s trusty hands at the wheel. This period design was further echoed by the Alpha Deco Furniture it would appear within. The panel would take pride of place above the mantle – the focus point of all Clive Christian Kitchen Interiors. The artwork was hand sketched in order to create fast, fluid line work. Once the silhouettes were created a tonal palette of veneers were chosen – complimenting the natural shadowing and highlights of the scene. In this particular case with a focus on walnut shade groupings – the finish of the cabinetry.

The panel contains seven beautiful varieties of veneer – all of which are synonyms with interiors of classic British motor cars – indigenous English varieties such as oak, walnut, chestnut and Ash – to name a few. Carefully hand finished and arranged into position the panel uses the natural grain formation to add depth to the simplistic, stylish shapes – creating a sophisticated representation fittingly appropriate for the ascot of motorsport.
You can see this piece taking pride of place in Alec’s Showroom – Clive Christian Weybridge, 30 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8DX.



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